Let’s Read: The Shark in the Dark

Age 7-9

Written by Peter Bently  and Illustrated by Ben Court (Pan Macmillan)

This series of books called Let’s Read are perfect for the child who has learnt to read and wants to extend themselves beyond the school readers.  Miniature versions of much-loved classics, they offer a manageable size and feel less daunting than a chapter book. Don’t be fooled however into thinking they are ‘easy’  – the vocabulary is sometimes advanced and you may need to help your child so they don’t feel frustrated, but it’s worth it because the interesting and well-written stories will inspire them to read more books, which is the ultimate aim.   While I’m not knocking all school readers, I do wonder sometimes who wrote them and whether they really thought how inspiring they would be to a young child!

Joe, 7, enjoyed The Shark in the Dark which is about a hungry shark, written in rhyming verse:

“Down at the bottom of the deep dark sea

something is stirring and it wants its tea.’

What can the frightened sea creatures do to get away from the shark… read the story to find out.

Choose these with your child and let them find the level the are comfortable with.

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