Wing Jones

By Katherine Webber (Walker Books)

We can’t wait for this debut novel about a young girl who discovers a love for running in the midst of a family tragedy. Wing Jones is a young girl in a mixed-race family who deals with her brother’s accident by searching for an escape. Set in the mid 1990’s Atlanta, USA, the book is a sweeping story about love, family and survival in the face of many odds. Wing has struggled to find her identity for years, as her grandparents are from China and Ghana, and she feels like she has never really fit in at school.  As Wing deals with her fear, anger, grief and determination – the message to be who you are – no matter what anyone thinks or says – is incredibly healing.

Strong themes, a powerful main character, a blooming love interest, conflict and the metaphor of running – what more could you ask for? Oh and its beautifully written.

Categories: Family and Self, Romance, and Young Adult.

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