Book Bags

Every bookworm needs a book bag.  Whether its one for you or the kids, having a dedicated book bag really helps keep your books together.  After misplacing one too many library books, we decided library books belong in the bag – once you’ve finished reading them, they get popped back in, ready to return.

We love the sweet range of tote bags on the left and this one below all from Skinny la Minx. ALEX-SACK_Rough-diamond_sunny-sky_largegus-3

Lou Harvey’s Double Hanger book folder is great for keeping a smaller selection of books in shape.

carry-bagMongoose have a vibrant selection of local fabrics to choose from.

quick-2 quick

Personalise a book bag from Macaroon – they make the best gifts.


30-Minute-Book-Bag If you’re feeling crafty we love this quick pattern from 30 Minute Crafts.

Or make this easy drawstring backpack from Alice & Lois and pop the library cards in the pocket.


DIY-drawstring-backpack DIY-drawstring-backpack-2

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