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  • #BUYABOOK for National Book Week

    National Book Week, from 2-8 Sept 2019, is South Africa’s official reading awareness week. To buy books for underprivileged children, the #BUYABOOK campaign needs your support.
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  • Dora Milaje Forever!

    Great news that a new Marvel series is coming out featuring the Dora Milaje, the all-female special forces team from the Black Panther movie. These kick-ass characters will get their own three-part comic series, Wakanda Forever.
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  • Pan Macmillan Book Previews

    There’s nothing better than attending a book event – especially when it’s a sneak peak at all the wonderful titles coming from Pan Macmillan Children’s books in 2018.
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  • International Book Giving Day

    It’s International Book Giving Day on February 14 so please donate books to a hospital, school or child near you and help improve South Africa’s literacy rates.
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  • World Read Aloud Day

    With roughly 8 out of every 10 learners not able to understand what they are reading – we have a reading crisis in South Africa. What can we do about this?  It starts with every individual in every home and school in South Africa.  
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  • SA Readers can’t read for meaning

    78% of Grade 4 learners are unable to read according to alarming new stats released by the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) report. 
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  • Exclusive Book Store Wins

    Exclusive Books have been leading the pack on the coolest book stores around the country and their store in Ballito Junction, KwaZulu Natal just won the 2017 Retail Design And Development Award.
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  • Rebel Books for Girls

    Do you wish there were more books about kick-ass female heroes to share with your kids? Superwoman is all well and good but this book is the real deal. Real women doing extraordinary and inspiring things.
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  • Kids Books About Autism

    With the growth in diagnosis of children on the autism spectrum comes a growth of books for autistic children. Whether they are self-help manuals or feature an autistic hero or children battling anxiety issues, these books are so welcome and helpful in growing awareness and understanding of autism.
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  • Top Book Trends 2017

    What are the top book trends in children’s literature for 2017? Last year it was all Harry Potter and the wizard world returning through the Cursed Child books 1 and 2, graphic novels, colouring-in books and superheroes.
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