Exclusive Book Store Wins

Exclusive Books have been leading the pack on the coolest book stores around the country and their store in Ballito Junction, KwaZulu Natal just won the 2017 Retail Design And Development Award.  According to CEO Benjamin Trisk,

‘We live in a time of “experience culture” – experience and the ability to share it, in person and via social media, has become everything. As a result, a cookie-cutter approach to bookstore design simply does not suffice, and no two new Exclusive Books stores are alike. Our Ballito store takes our vision to the next level, and we’re delighted that it has been recognised in this manner.’

The store is filled with many hand made features, part of the trend for unique artisan decor. Take the  hand-blown lampshades from the Paarl-based artisanal glass company Red Hot Glass. ‘These fit perfectly with the serenity of the coastal theme and bookstore environment,’ said Dakota Design’s Justine Stewart-Miller, who oversaw the shop’s design.

Look up and you’ll see gorgeous backlit ‘Japanese Wave’ patterns printed onto the store’s bulkheads. ‘The application of “endless wave” patterns is one of the many ancient graphic styles that have once again become popular in contemporary design and storytelling,’ said Stewart-Miller. ‘What better way to start the conversation of storytelling in the Exclusive Books Ballito store?’

Everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but of course we do – and so it goes with book stores. A gorgeous book store makes you want to linger, socialize, read and ultimately buy more books.  Win win.

Exclusive Books.



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