Kingsmead Book Fair 2018

As we look back on the 7th annual Kingsmead College Book Fair held in May we can only say ‘yay!’ for books and people who write them, read them, love them and support them.

The adult section was well supported with interesting discussions, debates and dynamic authors but it’s always the children’s section that gets us excited.  Building a culture of reading and an excitement about meeting authors is so important. Authors ranging from Maryanne and Shale Bester, Refiloe Moahali, Mahdiyyah Wadee and Megan Bird, entertained the children with their delightful tales.

This year I held a Free Writing workshop for over 25 teens.   Free writing is a technique in which you write continuously for a set period of time without regard for spelling, grammar, or sense. What comes out is a stream of consciousness that often helps shift writer’s block, find an underlying idea you can write about or brainstorm a new topic when you’re not sure where to start. It’s a deceptively simple yet powerful tool.

Free Writing can help with writing skills but it’s also very useful at understanding what’s at the bottom of the emotions you may be feeling.  Why are you really upset with your friend?  What are you feeling about a new situation? The girls gave interesting feedback and were very open to the creative and emotional aspects of the workshop.

Educational Psychologist Jo Hamilton provided valuable support and encouragement in this writing exercise, encouraging the girls to trust the process and have fun with it. Jo is also author of The Ultimate Assertiveness Toolbox for Children – a very worthwhile resource to help children stand up for themselves and successfully navigate friendships and social situations.

This year’s KBF had more than 4000 people through the doors and the sessions had an average attendance rate of 72%.  We’re looking forward to next year’s – so diarise The Kingsmead Book Fair 2019 on 25 May 2019!

Please click on the link to view a video of the day: and the 2018 Gallery of images: Or the different Facebook page album:

The more you read, the more you know.”


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