Pan Macmillan Book Previews

There’s nothing better than attending a book event – especially when its a sneak peak at all the wonderful titles coming from a publishing house in the upcoming year.  Pan Macmillan’s morning at the Killarney Country Club’s La Vie en Rose was such fun and I’m already dipping into two new Young Adult titles:  Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian and Children of Blood and Bone by newcomer Tomi Adeyemi – they both look really good!

Ash Princess is an epic fantasy novel with themes of power and revenge and Children of Blood and Bone is a hotly anticipated debut from Nigerian-American author Tomi Adeyemi.  The book has already been optioned for movie rights and is in development. Check out her list of must-reads for Black History Month here. I’m trying hard not to keep reading both while I have work to do…

Oi Frog! is so funny – a follow-up to Oi dog! it’s all about a frog who does not want to do what everyone thinks he should – and sit on a log.  Read the review here.

Look out for other great titles which we’ll be sharing on our site as they release.




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