Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

Written by Zack Zombie (Zack Zombie Publishing)

You know just what you’re getting with this series of 14 books that are the number one best seller in Amazon children’s Minecraft books. And before I read the reviews and saw how many children have started reading because of this series, I was a total snob and thought there’s no ways I would buy these books. Don’t be put off.

Based on the cult of the diary format made popular by The Wimpy Kid series, this is a diary broken down into days that are super easy to read.  Cue all reluctant readers who happen to love Minecraft.  The story is narrated from 12 year-old Zombie’s point of view, and we get to meet all his friends who are Mobs like him. You’ll meet Skelly, Creepy, and Zombie’s whole family. The cartoon style illustrations throughout the book help readers and keep them hooked.  This is a winner for Grade 3’s and up and most reluctant readers and because it’s so short, it will add to their feeling of accomplishment. Plus there’s plenty more in the 14 book series so they can keep reading. Fans of Timmy Failure will enjoy this series.

Fun fact: Zack Zombie is the pen name for the writing team of William Peña and his young son Matthew Peña who comes up with all the story lines.


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