Dirty Bertie series

Written by Alan MacDonald and Illustrated by David Roberts (Stripes publishing)

We’re big Dirty Bertie fans in our house. Dirty Bertie is a little boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits and an infectious energy for madcap ideas. It’s impossible to keep Bertie clean – even when his mum begs him to look smart for the school photo – despite his best intentions – Bertie just can’t avoid mud and mayhem. Bertie is a funny boy with no malice or meanness, just happy-go-lucky naughty schoolboy spirits.  Whether he’s locking the teacher in the storeroom, trying to avoid his nemesis, Know-it-all-Nick or starting his very own flea circus, Bertie is entertainingly disaster-prone. He’s like the poster child for the maxim ‘boys will be boys.’

Both my 7-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter enjoy his books. Great for those who love a bit of toilet humour and don’t mind their kids saying FART. I think kids really need an outlet (pardon the pun) for this kind of humour as long as you explain that there’s a time and place for it – and not at the dinner table or as your guests arrive. The series of chapter books contain three stories each and make easy readers or bedtime books to share.  Also available as a picture book and CD which will suit younger readers.

Categories: 4-6 and 7-9.

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