Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye

By David Llyod and illustrated by Louise Voce (Walker Books)

One of the first words we teach babies is Hello! and Goodbye!  Wave hello, wave goodbye we say many times during the day.  This is a lovely little book that shows bear saying hello to the tree and all the animals and insects. Then the rain comes and everyone says goodbye!  Only the tree is left and it softly says Hello! to the rain.  Perfect read-aloud book that you can repeat when you’re outdoors.  Extend the lesson by asking toddlers to imagine where the animals go when it rains and tell them why the tree might be happy the rain has come.

Interesting fact: David Llyod is the chairman of Walker Books and he has enjoyed a very varied career, from drummer of the rock n roll band The Monks to a clown in a circus show.  Just shows you – the path to your ultimate career might not be as straight forward as you think!

Categories: 0-3, Animal, and Picture Book.

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