Katie Morag Series

By Mairi Hedderwick (Random House)

Katie Morag is a feisty tomboy adored by children for over 30 years.  Katie lives on the island of Struay, which is loosely based on the Isle of Coll in the Hebrides where Hedderwick used to live.  Her beautifully detailed illustrations capture daily island life and all the adventures Katie gets up to, living above the island’s only shop where her mum is the postmistress and her dad runs the general store.

One of my favourite books, Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers, deals sensitively and humorously with the rivalry between two very different grandma’s – Grannie Island wears dungarees and drives an ageing tractor, while Granma Mainland is always dressed up to the nines. The Katie Morag TV show has just been launched on CBeebies, starring 8-year-old Cerry Campbell from Glasgow, so many more children will now be introduced to this lovable heroine and hopefully read all 15 of her books!

Categories: 4-6, 7-9, and Bestseller.

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