Little Cakes and Cookies to Bake

By Abigail Wheatley (Usborne)

A gift from the grandparents, this book has been an absolute winner in our house of little cooks. Quick and easy recipes ranging from simple biscuits to shortbread fingers, chocolate eclairs and macaroons make this the perfect recipe book for play dates or kid’s first solo baking sessions.  My ten year old loves choosing something to bake when she has a friend over and they need very little input from the grownups.  The cleaning up part is not so easy!  I also like the fact that it lists possible allergies for each recipe and offers alternative ingredients. The explanation of how to make icing and frostings, decorations and fillings is also very useful.  I love the simple recipe to make citrus buttercream – delicious! Layout is easy to follow and step by step makes it virtually foolproof.

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