Mizz President

By Mopule Mohulatsi and illustrated by Mary-An Hampton (Everychild books). Guest reviewed by Uke Collins.

Mizz President is a delightful South African story about a young girl who finds herself thrust into leadership when her country needs her.  Girl power rules!

Lerato writes an essay of what she would do if she was president for a day. Then the president falls ill and asks her to step in. The illustrations are colorful and the text humorous. My six year old and I really enjoyed the rhyming words.  I also loved the book for its realistic representation of African people.   I found  Lerato’s  ideas for running the country very clever and uplifting!

The president returns after recovering from his illness and asks her ‘ Tell me Lerato, why did you pamper the mamas and girls?’ And then – my favourite line – she answers ‘ Because they were tired and just who else was caring for their curls?’

Ed’s note: Mapule Mohulatsi is a South African writer and essayist studying for a Master’s Degree in African Literature at the University of Witwatersrand. Mary-An Hampton is an illustrator and designer based in Cape Town.

Categories: 4-6, African Story, Book Reviews, Design and Illustration, and Diversity.

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