Mummy & Me Cook

4-6 and 7-9 years old

Dorling Kindersley

Few activities are as much fun as cooking with mom or dad. This lovely cookbook offers the perfect balance of quick bakes and a few more ambitious projects, such as chicken risotto (made with basmati not the harder-to-work-with arborio rice, but you could always substitute the real thing) and a blueberry sponge cake.  I love the introduction of the food type, such as rice or tomatoes, and the explanation of what they are and how to cook them.  There’s also a section on healthy food – good for teaching children about food and letting them appreciate fresh, healthy ingredients. Easy to read – a great gift book for aspiring little chefs.

Give Away!

One lucky Book Tree Club member will win a copy of Mummy & Me Cook (DK) if they send in their favourite recipe. Tell us why you love that recipe and send us a pic of you cooking or baking it! Send your name, age, email address and recipe to  Closing Date: 31 December 2014. Entrants must be registered as Book Tree Club members.  Register here.



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