The Paper Dolls

4-6, 7-9

By Julia Donaldson and Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb (Pan Macmillan)

I was immediately attracted by the image of paper dolls, which I used to love cutting out as a child.  I still make them with my younger kids and they love colouring in their clothes and giving them accessories.  In the book a mom and daughter make a string of paper dolls together, which go off on a fantastical adventure as they travel through the house and out into the garden.

From the snatches of the toy dinosaur to the oven-glove crocodile all seems very perilous until the real danger reveals itself – a pair of scissors!  This is not Donaldson’s trademark style but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Cobb’s whimsical childlike illustrations give the book an old fashioned quality my daughter loved.  Look out for Cobb’s other illustrations in books like Aunt Amelia and The Empty Stocking. 

Interesting Fact: The team at Pan Macmillan publishers organised an amazing Guinness World Record attempt to create the world’s longest paper dolls chain – and they did it!  All funds raised went to Save the Children fund.  Such a lovely idea – see the report back here.




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