I Want My Hat Back

Age 0-3, 4-6

By Jon Klassen (Walker)

A bear has lost his hat.  He wants it back.  He asks a few animals but they have not seen it.  Even the rabbit who, funnily enough, is wearing a red hat, has not seen it.  Wait a moment.  What happens after the bear remembers where he last saw his hat is both laugh-out-loud hilarious and a little dark – which is what you’d expect of the illustrator of the Coraline film animation. He has also written the award-winning This Is Not My Hat, with a similar theme.

Jon Klassen has a lovely way of capturing the simplicity of emotions and his retro illustrations carry the book to art level.  This is a must-have on your book shelf.  You’ll find yourself using the “Have you seen…’ sentences whenever there is a missing object in the house.

Me: Have you seen the bisuits?

Kids: No why are you asking us.

We haven’t seen them.

We haven’t seen any biscuits anywhere.

We would not steal biscuits.

Don’t ask us any more questions.

Me: OK thank you anyway…”




Categories: 0-3, 4-6, Bestseller, Design and Illustration, and Picture Book.

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