101 Great Science Experiments

By Neil Ardley (Dorling Kindersley)

Next time your kids utter those two dreaded words: ‘I’m bored’ we have a new answer for you.  ‘Go experiment.’ Kids love making experiments. They will do horrible things to small insects if left to their own devices, so channel that creative energy and invest in a few science experiment books that demonstrate some of the basic properties of the elements – from air and gases to water and liquids, light, electricity, motion and machines and more.

Experiments range from the very simple: See plants drink, to how to bounce  sound and the slightly more advanced: build a door buzzer.  Science experiments reveal the facts behind the mysteries – why does our hair get static when we pull off a woolen jersey?  What is a sound wave?   It’s all good, healthy fun – just make sure there are no explosives or dangerous objects involved before they start.

Super Science Experiments by Chris Oxlade (Miles Kelly) is also a fantastic book filled with large colour images and clear instructions on how to conduct the experiments. Let the fun begin.

Buy a few experiment toy packs as a spring board for home experiments. Available from selected toy stores and Amazon.com

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Yes, there is a science kit especially aimed at girls – with glitter.  The latest in the gender-biasing of our children’s world. Words fail us. But if it gets girls experimenting then who are we to stand in the way of glitter?

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