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Who (and what) is The Book Tree?

Welcome to The Book Tree, where readers and writers are grown and books are loved and shared.

The Book Tree is the realisation of a lifelong passion for children’s books and reading.  By Grade 3 I had moved school four times and it was in the Seapoint Public Library and the Rondebosch Public Library that I found a steady world of friends, adventure, escape and mischief waiting for me.

Words became my career and I’ve worked for many years in the magazine industry, and even longer as a freelance writer, copy editor and content creator.  I am also author of Thato’s Birthday Surprise and The Great Tidy Uptwo books created through Book Dash, which distributes books to disadvantaged schools.

The Book Tree is a space focused on this aim: to excite children about reading, to help parents on this path and to get books into the hands of children throughout our country.  We share all things bookish, from reviews, to news, tips and book topics.

Check out our book reviews and order a Book Box if you want specially curated book packs delivered to your book shelf.  

Grow your children into readers – it will change their lives.

Love, Corinne

Books are reviewed by a host of reviewers young and old, from children and parents to educators and writers.  If you’d like to review a book for us – send it in and join The Book Tree Club.

An early start. From Grade 1, I knew I loved reading best!

My favourite childhood 'books'

There are so many special books that accompanied me through my childhood years, but at the beginning were comics.  We had a huge bag full of them, which we lugged  everywhere, from the laundromat to the beach, to restaurants, and best of all, on my bed while I consumed a tin of condensed milk (1970’s child).  Read more about why comics are a great springboard to building reading skills.  (Pictured: my daughter reading my old comics)

About Me pic

Artwork by Maria Lebedeva


One of our favourite categories is the Create space.  This is where we cover everything from creative writing to artwork and creative thinking. Find a fun project here.

Kingsmead Book Fair

As past curator of the Kingsmead Book Fair’s (KBF) Children’s and Teen programme, I loved reaching out to authors to share their wonderful books on the programme.  Keep an eye out for their Saturday, 25 May 2024 lineup here.

Kingsmead Young Writers’ Competition

I run the Kingsmead Young Writers’ Competition which we launched in 2021 and we are always amazed at the depth of talent in this country.  Find out more here. 

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Guest book reviews

We review a wide range of the best books for children and teens from age 0-16.  And we fit in a few parenting books too! To become a guest reviewer join The Book Tree Club here. 


Book theme: Writing Skills

We’re currently focusing on writing skills.  Read about one of the best books for young aspiring writers here.

What reading stage is your child at?

It can be tempting to push your child to read bigger books but make sure they have mastered each stage before they move up. Confidence and enjoyment are key. Find out how to gauge their reading stage here.

The Book Tree Values

The Book Tree is committed to raising readers who see the world in all its multicoloured splendour.  We celebrate diversity.  We look for books that allow all children to see themselves and feel at home in the world. We are constantly learning and striving to understand privilege and prejudice.  We take our place in the room with humility and, when needed, silence, so that we may listen and learn to do better.

”Behind every children’s book is a vision of childhood: a shared understanding of what growing up is all about.”

Leonard Marcus, Author

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