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We always get excited about new book releases and we also love re-reading old favourites.   We review a wide range of books for children and teens from age 0-16.  And we fit in a few parenting books too!  Check out our book reviews, arranged according to recommended age groups, and let us know what you and your children are reading.


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Early Chapter Book Series For Girls

Early Chapter Book Series For Girls

Read our top 11 early chapter book series for girls. Perfect for moving into new reading levels and growing reading confidence and enjoyment. We love these books for their strong female characters who are happily and unapologetically, themselves.

Guest book reviews

We have a host of people doing reviews, from parents and toddlers to school children, book educators, teachers and librarians.  You can read some of their reviews here.  If you’d like to review a book – join The Book Tree Club.  Find the review format here.

Skin We Are In

Skin We Are In

The Skin We Are In is an exploration of why humans have different colour skin, and how people's thinking about skin colour has changed throughout history.

Orbiting Jupiter

Orbiting Jupiter

Written by Gary D Schmidt (Penguin) Guest reviewed by Aimee (13) Orbiting Jupiter is a heartwarming story about a teenage boy called Joseph, who has a baby. Joseph moves in with a foster family but all he can think about is meeting his daughter. The story is told...

Latest blog posts

The eBook Debate

When you’re trying to get your children off screens, eBooks can seem counter-intuitive. Are they good or bad for your children? As with everything to do with the digital age, the answer is not so simple.

The Benefits of Paired Reading

Paired reading is a wonderful reading technique which helps children master the skill of reading. It’s not only for children who are struggling, but also helps any child improve their fluency skills.

Why Children Must Read

Why are we passionate about getting children to read? Beyond the academic reasons, reading is an invitation to think, dream, explore, adventure and become – and it’s available to everyone.

Three Creative Writing Tips

Boost your child’s creative writing skills by following these three tips: get dramatic, write what they know and touch and feel their words.

3 things NOT to tell a child learning to read

Congratulations!  Your child is entering the magical world of books and will hopefully become a lifelong reader.  All children learn at their own pace and encouragement and practice are vital right now. Learn what three things you should NOT say to a child learning to read.

We need free books

A family trip to the bookstore is a joy many families can’t afford. Rising costs, a weakened economy and high unemployment are taking their toll. We have some suggestions for cheap and free books.

Do You Dread Reading To Your Kids?

While the benefits of reading to children are well documented, some parents dread reading time.  Usually it's at the end of a long day and children know how to drag it out until you're crying at the thought of reading one more Disney Princess book.  Or answering...

Kingsmead Bookfair 2019

  Kingsmead Bookfair 2019 is done and dusted.  It was an honour to be the curator of the children's and teen programmes of the fair this year and to get a chance to engage with authors from South Africa and abroad.  While I love any bookish event there were a few...

Kingsmead Book Fair 2018

As we look back on the 7th annual Kingsmead College Book Fair held in May we can only say 'yay!' for books and people who write them, read them, love them and support them. This is our third year of being involved and every year has shown huge growth and...

Inspiration from Kitty Crowther

I recently came across the name of Belgian author and illustrator Kitty Crowther in a book on Picture books. Fascinated by the fact that she was one of the youngest recipients of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2010, I had to look up her work.  And what a...

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