A burst of colour

I’m thinking today about how the environment we surround ourselves in reflects our reality.  A beautiful painting, a fresh bunch of flowers, a bright splash of rug or pillow are like pops of colour that uplift our mood. Just like the books we read. Choose to read books that inspire you.  Surround yourself with beauty. Find stories that will uplift your children, teach them, and grow them.  This doesn’t mean they can’t read dark, sad stories or tales that make them think deeply about the world, just that you need to remember the pops of colour too.  The books that remind them of the wonder of the world. There are enough negative images and news feeds around – create a haven in your home. Leave these ‘happy’ books out on their bedside tables, put them on the coffee table in front of the TV, leave them at the breakfast table.  Here’s to a burst of colour and life on this 6th day of May 2016.

The main image is from Australian artist Kirsten Jackson whose bursts of colour make me smile.

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