And I mean it, Stanley

By Crosby Bonsall (World’s Work Children’s Book) Updated copy is by Harper Collins

Who is Stanley?  As a scruffy little girl gathers old discarded junk objects to build a fantastical ‘great thing’ she talks through a fence to Stanley, telling him she knows he is there, and she’s not going to show him what she’s made, so he mustn’t bother coming out.  The reverse psychology continues as she tells him her ‘great thing’ is going to be a ‘ really, truly great thing’ – in fact ‘the very best thing I ever made’ but she doesn’t want Stanley to look or even peep.

Of course this is too much for Stanley – and well you’ll have to read the book to find out who Stanley is!  A delightful early reader with vintage appeal – our much-loved copy is falling apart as it belonged to my husband as a child.  A simple tale that proves you don’t always need big, busy elements to tell a funny story. The cross ink illustrations add to the naive appeal.





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