Badger’s Parting Gifts

By Susan Varley (Anderson Press).

When badger dies his friends are heartbroken, especially Mole who feels ‘lost, alone and desperately unhappy.’ The animals are so sad through the winter but then as spring draws near they gather together and talk about the days when Badger was alive. They remember all the wonderful things they had done together, from making paper cut dolls, to ice skating and baking, and as the animals talk they realise that when they think of him they feel happy because of their good memories.

A beautiful classic picture book to help young children deal with death and bereavement. It’s also such a gentle read it could be read to all children, to familiarize them with the passing nature of life and how memories sustain us and make us feel like the person is close.  This would especially be helpful with the death of a pet – remember all the fun times you had together and let those memories warm your heart.


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