Richard Scarry’s Best Treasury Ever

Written and illustrated by Richard Scarry (Harper Collins)

This Richard Scarry classic is a happy primary-coloured trip filled with illustrations and much-loved characters to keep little ones entertained for hours. The detail-filled illustrations and story lines – filled with characters such as Huckle, Lowly, Bananas Gorilla, Sergeant Murphy, Sam and Dudley are still as entertaining and humorous as ever.

The first three stories follow a theme of a great mystery to be solved or robbers to be apprehended and the rest delightfully illustrate the little details of our lives – from going to school to the months of the year and the activities we do.

The concept of what different people do for a living is delightfully explored through the illustrations of a steamroller driver, fisherman, photographer, lawyer, baker, etc.  We love how every illustration has a little explanatory lable – sometimes with great humor – such as “Once the lawn mower got away and ran into a supermarket. Do you suppose it was tired of chewing grass?” next to a picture of a lawnmower.

There’s an old fashioned timeless quality to these books and – because they are jam-packed with little details – they make great books for car journeys, waiting rooms and bedtime reads. As Scarry said, these are books to be read and re-read until ‘they’re held together by scotch tape.’

Interestingly – the Scarry books have received a needed update along gender sensitivity lines over the years. One example – the previous books showed a mother cooking and pushing a pram. The new version shows the mother and father cooking and pushing the pram together . Sweet progress.  For more on the update check this out.

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