Charlie and Lola: One Thing

By Lauren Child (Orchard)

Lola is confused by numbers – if mum says they can choose one thing from the shop each, is that two things? Suddenly the world seems full of numbers as they count to 19 minutes to get ready, and spot three ducks, seven pigeons, five wading birds, four swans, two geese and one flapping bird…  Lola very cutely mixes up numbers as little children do, asking if a squillion is the highest number you get. A brilliant way to talk about numeracy with your kids and an easy way of making numbers seem like familiar, everyday things.

This is Child’s first Charlie and Lola book in a decade.  If you’re a new parent take note: the Charlie and Lola series is charming, wholesome, and very very funny. Childs has said: ‘I actually wrote the story (One Thing) before my daughter Tuesday came along, but it was lovely because one of the things we loved to do when she was very little was to count. Count the number of stairs on the way up to bed; count the number of peas we could eat. There is a poetry in numbers.’

Another Lauren Child winner.  Read more about what she’s been up to here.


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