Curious George

By H A Rey and Margret Rey

Curious George is a very curious little monkey who is captured in Africa by The Man in the Yellow Hat and bought to live in a zoo in ‘the big city’. The early books show him living in the zoo and then escaping and finally being brought to live with the Man in the Yellow Hat.  In all his scrapes and adventures Curious George gets up to no good with very good intentions.  Children love seeing the wild  trouble George lands in which only get worse as George tries to make things right.  The Man in the Yellow Hat usually appears just in time to save George and set things straight.

This is a charming series of books and through the numerous TV and film adaptions George has become a household name. Interestingly, Curious George first appeared back in 1939 as part of a book called Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys.  He then got given the name Zozo in the UK where comparisons between a monkey called George and King George VI were not considered appropriate. 🙂  We’re sure the current Prince George would be happy to be compared to a curious little monkey!

CuriousGeorge curious-george 899962

We have a treasured copy of an original Zozo Gets a Medal (1977) and some of the early books are very non PC – watch your little ones faces when they realize the money is smoking.  Naughty George!




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