Diary of a Wombat


By Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley (Angus & Robertson)

This humorous diary of what wombat did with her day will have little kids laughing out loud.  Monday: Morning: Slept. Afternoon: Slept. Evening: Ate grass. Scratched. Night: Ate grass. Slept. By Wednesday the gorgeously lazy little wombat is starting to interact with humans and their home: ‘fought a major battle with a flat, hairy creature’ which is in reality a door mat, ‘and won the battle’ and by Sunday she’s demanding rolled oats and observing: ‘Am constantly amazed how dumb humans can be.’

By Monday night she decides that humans ‘are easily trained and make quite good pets.’  Cue peals of laughter.  It’s the inner thinking of a wombat that is so funny – how often do we wonder what our dogs must think as we talk to them or give them things they don’t want. The Wombat’s nonchalant expression and fuzzball cuteness add to the charm of the tale. If you’re planning a trip to Australia with your kids this is a lovely introduction about one of their most famous animals. My son wanted to look up what a wombat is: ‘A wombat is a burrowing plant eating marsupial that looks like a bear with short legs,’ so he learnt something too.  Winner of countless awards including Booksellers Choice and the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award. Follow up books include Baby Wombat ‘s Week and Christmas Wombat. For a more factual look at wombats get How to Scratch a Wombat.



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