Teach Creativity

If you watch  this inspiring video cartoon clip and feel a bit sad that this could be your child, or you – then take action! It’s no surprise that school and our regular, regimented life can kill any creative instincts we’re born with.  If we expect all children to fit into the box of schooling we’re doing them a great disservice.  Schools should inspire learning and growth, not merely conforming and basic ABC’s.

Teach Creativity

Children obviously need reading, writing, math, and other content subjects but this shouldn’t be taught at the expense of a child’s natural instincts for creativity and wonder. We need to value these instincts and reward them. Teach children to think and explore and discover.  Teach them that they are clever – no matter what learning style they follow, and no matter how well they do in tests.

Teach Individuality

They will have a natural aptitude for something and this is what will carry them through their life.  Some are very good at being creative, some are very good at being organised.  Some are not good at any formal learning processes but can nurture and care for others, fix technical issues or design beautiful clothes. Some are a little bit good at a lot of things and that’s fine too.  There is no one size fits all – its finding the one that best suits your child.

Teach Reading

There is one sure-fire answer to inspiring creativity though: encourage your child to read. You will open doors for them and they’ll see that there are many ways to live in this world. Reading and creative thinking go hand in hand. Let your children spend more time reading and they will learn to fly out that classroom window and dream and imagine worlds far from theirs and to create a future filled with possibilities.

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