Everywhere Babies

Written by Susan Meyers and illustrated by Marla Frazee

Everywhere Babies is the simple story of what babies do all over the world, from getting cuddled to playing, eating, crying and sleeping is told in rhyming text, creating a wonderful celebration of baby life. It also helps to realise that all over the world, parents are birthing and loving their babies just like you.

Even when you are sleep deprived or worried about milestones, this is like a little ode to babies and a reminder of their miracle. The illustrations are beautiful and because babies are drawn to images of other babies they will love looking at the pages while you read. This was a gift from my cousin on my daughter’s birth and she adored it right into the toddler years.

Susan Meyers is a prolific author of many children’s books – check out some of her other books for  younger readers.

See more about the importance of reading to babies from birth here.



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