Foxy Tales: The Road to Fame and Fortune

By Caryl Hart and illustrated by Alex T Smith (Hachette)

Guest reviewed by Joe, Grade 2, age 8

Foxy Tales: The Road to Fame and Fortune is a book about a alligator called Alphonso and a fox called Foxy Du Bois.  She tries to get rid of Alphonso because he is a pain in the neck.  If she doesn’t feed him he says he’ll eat her up! Foxy wants to be a movie star but Alphonso keeps getting in her way.  She tries to trick him and it doesn’t work.  She fails her mission and then Foxy gets injured and they go home.  I liked it because of the funny names and the fancy words and it was very funny.  I want to read the next one.

Parents note:  We did paired reading on this book which really helped with the big words and gave Joe the confidence to keep going. Its a humorous tongue-in-cheek tale with a clever tension between the two main characters. Just when you feel sorry for Foxy she acts badly and you start rooting for Alphonso and then when her dreams and schemes all go alligator-shaped at the end you can’t help feel sorry for Foxy all over again.

Alex T Smith’s  illustrations make the tale come alive. Great characterisation and slapstick humour which should hit the right note with kids aged 6-9. This is the second in a series of Foxy Tales, and we’ll go back and read the first one, The Cunning Plan.





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