Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Do you wish there were more books about kick-ass female role models to share with your kids? Superwoman is all well and good but Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is the real deal.  Real women doing extraordinary and inspiring things.   It makes such sense we’re surprised no-one has done it before. The text is easy to read and each profile begins in a ‘once upon a time’ format.  The variety of the women chosen is excellent and seeing how women have chosen roles and careers in such diverse areas will open young minds to the many possibilities out there.

After making crowdfunding history last year by raising over one million dollars to publish a children’s book with 100 illustrated stories of inspiring women, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls,  Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo have announced plans via Kickstarter for a second volume, along with a series of podcasts of the same name.

Using their media company, Timbuktu Labs, to publish the first book, this new book will feature 100 diverse new stories of pioneers, scientists, activists, and heroic women. Hmmm – time for a South African version we think…

Gorgeous artwork accompanies each profile. Some of them are available for sale.


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Robert Louis Stevenson

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