Growing Writers: Write Your Own Story Book

Write Your Own Story Book by Louie Stowell (Usborne books)

When children get inspired to write their own stories, this is the book you can steer them towards.  Growing writers will love the write-in spiral bound style which they can take wherever they go. The prompts, tips and story writing tool kit will help them learn to write their own stories. Inspiration includes:

  • writing activities,
  • a fictional school journal,
  • a comic strip,
  • A picture story prompt

How to get started

Write Your Own Story Book is perfect for children who love the idea of being a writer and need a way to begin writing and trying out their ideas.  Many young budding writers try write stories just like their favourite author, which is not a bad thing, but this book gives them more ideas to base stories on and find their own voice. Think of it as a mini writing workshop in a book form. Ideal for 8-12 year olds as this will definitely get their creative juices flowing.  Think of this book as a springboard. Once they know how to get started they can write in their own journals and branch out into different styles.  If they are keen on writing picture books, then we have some great picture book templates here.

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Growing little writers? 

Growing writers is a process that can begin even younger.  If your children can’t write yet, let them tell you stories.  Encourage them to think up fun and fantastical story lines. Ask them “And then what happened?  Why did she do that?” to prompt them to see the cause and effect arc of stories. Also explain the typical story format of  beginning/ middle / end.   Use prompts like what happened in the beginning of the story?  And in the middle?  And what happened at the end?  Explain the sequence of a day, from the beginning in the morning to lunch in the middle and bed at the end.  Let them play with that structure too – perhaps they want to start with the night before. Or packing the car to go to the beach, what happened at the beach and what happened when they got home. Even if they don’t structure their story in that way, help them to see it in the stories you read to them.

When they’re ready try My First Story Writing Book aimed at children age 6 and up. This is a colourful write-in book, full of curious characters, unusual places and exciting ideas. Also perfect for children who love playing with words. The fun activities include word games, story mazes, and inventing diary entries for characters, tips on developing characters, writing descriptively and using similes and metaphors. A fun and creative book that will let children’s imaginations run wild. Buy My First Story Writing Book here. 

Top tip: This is the perfect book to take on journeys!

For adult authors of children’s books, we have a great outline of resources and tips here. 


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