By Pharrell Williams (Penguin)

This is a super happy, catchy book version of Pharrell Williams’s chart topping single of the same name.  And it really is happy!  The bright gorgeous photographs grab your attention and even though the words (song lyrics)  don’t strictly make sense at times – the message to be happy comes across loud and clear. Children are also less fussy about whether the words make a complete sentence – they’re just vibing on the energy of the book. 

The joy and happiness of the song are beautifully captured by the multi-cultural assortment of kids hopping, dancing, jumping and smiling and you’ll find yourself humming along as you read. The message is a sound one – troubles (bad news) may come your way but it’s your attitude that counts – so be happy. The letter at the end explaining Williams’s motivation in sharing the book  – “How do you feel when you make someone smile? It’s the best feeling ever, right?” is heartwarming and feels genuine.  A great book to share with anxious kids who need to feel safe and de-stress – it’s all happy and good.

“If this book makes one child ask him or herself, ‘What makes me happy?’ then we’ve done our job.”

Watch Pharrell talk about the book here.





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