Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci

Age 7-9, 10-12, YA

Walker Books

Considering he drew the designs for some of the objects we now use most often,  Leonardo da Vinci  is the perfect inventor/artist to introduce to your children.  This beautiful book showcases six great inventions from flying machines to architecture, hydraulic power to mechanical inventions, war machines and a mechanical man. It’s a fascinating insight into how this Renaissance man truly was a visionary.  It was extra inspiring to my son who loves drawing, as da Vinci’s original drawings show how little sketches could someday lead to something great.  Da Vinci’s own words describing each invention add further insight. Although the text is small and difficult to read, younger readers will love the pop-ups, just help them maneuver each one carefully.

A brilliant gift book for budding inventors or good for use in Design and Technology classrooms. I brought my copy from the Natural History Museum in London but it can be ordered on



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