Kipper’s Birthday

By Mick Inkpen (Hodder Children’s Books)

Books about birthdays are wonderful ways to talk with little ones about an upcoming birthday or stretch out the excitement around birthday time.  We love Kipper’s Birthday as it deals with a bit of birthday anxiety but all ends well.  Kipper plans his party, baking a yummy cake the day before and making invitations – inviting everyone to his party ‘tomorrow.’ Only problem is he delivers the invites the next day and suddenly gets confused.  Is his party today or was it yesterday?  Or maybe it’s only tomorrow?  Luckily his friends arrive and they bring the perfect present… This is great for explaining the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow, which will only really be grasped by age 3 and up, but smaller ones will enjoy the birthday party planning.

Mick Inkpen’s gentle water colour illustrations and lovable characterisation of Kipper have made him  one of the world’s most loved and successful children’s book authors.  Look out for all the Kipper books and if you can get a box set – even better.   Kipper has a Party is a fun sticker book that makes a great birthday pressie to add to the book. If you love Kipper you will love Wibbly Pig, his other famous and much-loved character.  Kipper is so famous he has his own TV shows and videos. For a great site with Kipper videos and games check this out.

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