Lets make More great placemat art

By Marion Deuchars (Laurence King Publishing)

Making art fun is Marion Deuchars’ calling.  Her range of Let’s make Great Art books inspire creativity, design and art for people of all ages. Making place mat art is just what it sounds like – fun activities that can be made at the dinner table.  Combining educational tips about your meal with creative fun is genius and keeping this book for restaurant meals out is parenting’s secret weapon no 1. Happy children at the dinner table are well behaved children.

From recreating your best meal, coming up with ingenious pasta shapes and feeding an alien or an astronaut, this is so much fun you’ll want to grab one of the 36 placements yourself.  Marion Deuchars is a Scottish artist who has boosted the children’s art book world with inspirational books like Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art.   A great gift book idea.


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