I Like Myself!

By Karen Beaumont and Illustrated by David Catrow (HMH Books)

This charming Dr Seuss-inspired  rhyming book about a little girl who likes herself no matter what is the perfect gift to encourage a little self-love. The heroine is a little girl who lists all the ways she likes herself no matter what she looks like and no matter what anyone thinks of her. The illustrations capture her happy mood and how much fun it is to be her – having fun, being a little crazy, thinking of silly things to do and not giving a hoot what anyone thinks of her.  Kind of infectious and makes you want to celebrate yourself too!

‘I like myself.  I’m glad I’m me.

There’s no one else I’d rather be.’

IMG_7276   IMG_7275

A lovely book to teach self esteem and self acceptance. Although the rhyming style is simple and a little nonsensical – the girl likes herself with ‘fleas or warts, or with a silly snout that snorts’ – the message is universal and ageless and the book has been a gift to both my 13 year old daughter and 18 year old niece.  We all need to remember to love and like ourselves – and it only gets harder with peer pressure and the need to fit in and have everyone like you. This is a good lesson to teach your children – first start with liking yourself.  It has a similar life lesson feel to Dr Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go!





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