Little Moments of Joy (or What the Frog Taught Me)

It’s the little moments of joy in life that add up to give meaning and shape to our lives.  Don’t get caught in the trap of busyness to miss them.

Play the game

We play a ‘what was your favourite part of the day’ game when we’re all sitting at the table for family dinner. It gives everyone a chance to share and often brings up topics of discussion that continue way beyond the table.

What always amazes me is how often its the smallest things that brought me the most happiness that day. A bunch of  flowers that look just perfect in a new vase.  A call from my aunt. A quiet moment of tea and a rusk on my verandah that morning. Sometimes I think we should call it the “What little thing made your day today?’ game.

Mom, Come Quick!

A few years ago I was hard at work when my son popped his head once again into my office. “Mom, come quick, there’s something you have to see.’ I reluctantly got up, moaning about how I had an important deadline, and couldn’t come for long. I resented being interrupted and told him so. Then Joe showed me the frog trapped in the swimming pool weir. We launched operation Free The Frog, complete with long stick (which frog kept falling off), to ice-cream bucket to catch him in.

Finally, amidst shrieks of laughter we got him to climb onto the stick and managed to scoop him out.  We imagined how happy Mr Frog would be now that he was free. We also battled to keep our lab puppy from ending that freedom prematurely! At the end of the day I realised that was the most rewarding part of my entire day. I bonded with my son, we saved a frog, I learnt a lesson and I stopped to take a breath and see the world around me.

I still remember my frog lesson and it resonates most when I’m really busy and a little head pops around the corner calling for me… Watch out for those little moments, which you might turn away from, thinking of other ‘bigger’ more important things to do. Don’t let them slip by.

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