Manfred the Baddie

By John Friedell (Quercus)

Manfred is the leader of an audacious gang.  He kidnaps brilliant inventors and forces them to create outrageous machines for villainous robberies and piracy on the high seas. Manfred is also a mean bully of a boss and his henchmen have no love for him.So when Manfred gets a cold and nobody wants to bring him soup, mop his brow or read to him, he realises that it’s no fun being a baddie when no one want to be your friend.  A reformed Manfred becomes a do-gooder and even makes sandwiches for his henchmen.

The brilliantly detailed illustrations of fantastical machines are what my kids love the most about this book.  The characters are also well developed and funny with little quirks like loving chocolate spread and raspberry sandwiches with the raspberry seeds picked out. A great read for boys and girls and perfect for a bedtime story. Kids also love the little twist at the end of the story – because no one can be good all of the time…

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