Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

 (Egmont UK Ltd)

Age 8+

If you have a Minecraft fan in the house this is a great gift compilation of four bestselling handbooks, including the Essential Handbook, Redstone Handbook, Combat Handbook, and Construction Handbook. Minecraft is the game that has taken the gaming world by storm and is praised for being both educational and entertaining. Players get to build, explore, create, collaborate and try to survive. Even though books are king (in my mind) my kids enjoy playing computer games and I don’t mind Minecraft as it teaches creativity and ingenuity.  My 8 year old searches You Tube for demonstration classes on how to play a better game and even though half of them are in foreign languages he doesn’t mind.  This compilation answers a very real interest with each handbook containing helpful tips and info which will give your child the inside edge in survival and creativity. Very cool.

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