My Cape Town ABC

Illustrated by Sandy Lightly (Penguin Random House)

Guest reviewed by Tracy Lourens.

My Cape Town ABC is a treasure trove of all things Cape. Parents will enjoy being reminded of some of the history of Cape Town and the surrounding areas, while kids will learn new words, including uniquely South African words, such as koeksister and Zeekoeivlei. The book would also make a great gift to families visiting from other countries. Activities on each double page as well as a parents guide at the back of the book give a short history of some of the Cape attractions.

The words are accompanied by lovely water colour illustrations which are great for younger kids, while the activities and landmark descriptions are ideal for older kids. I did find that some of the words are unique to the Cape and a bit challenging to explain to my three-year old, but this will come with us when we take him for his first Cape visit.  Look out for My South African ABC in the same series.



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