By Ian Falconer (Simon and Schuster)

“Olivia always blossoms in front of an audience.”  Welcome to the quirky little pig named Olivia.  With her love of dancing, being creative, accessorizing her school uniform and exercising her wild imagination she will charm young readers aged 3-6. The series features Olivia as the heroine facing the various issues that fill a child’s life – from missing toys, to Show and Tell, tea time and Christmas day.   Parents will love the gorgeous illustrations, witty humour and sweet story lines.

In Olivia and the Missing Toy, Olivia wants a new soccer uniform – the green one is ‘very unattractive.’  She doesn’t care if she’ll look different from everyone else on the team – she wants to be different. While her mum patiently sews her a new top she discovers her best toy is missing.  After searching high and low she discovers it has been eaten by a ‘monster’ – her beloved Poppy the dog. Distraught, she decides she will only go to bed with cat stories that night.  The ending is just the right touch of cute and realistic.  Olivia will also grow your child’s vocabulary with  her creative use of language.


In Olivia Saves the Circus, Olivia loves her moment to tell her holiday news.  She shares the tale of the day her mum took her and her brother to the circus.  Only there was no circus show because all the circus people had ear infections.  “Luckily I knew how to do everything,” says Olivia.  From tattooed lady to lion tamer, juggler, clown and tight rope walker, Olivia saves the circus.  Her teacher is bemused, asking:

Was that true Olivia?

“Quite true.”

“Are you sure Olivia?”

“To the best of my recollection.”

Now that’s a classic rejoinder to remember!



Olivia is now so popular she has her own TV show and can be found in board books for younger readers and toy stores.  She also makes the perfect book character day dress up.

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