Penguin’s Hidden Talent

By Alex Latimer (Picture Corgi)

It was time for the big annual talent competition and everyone was practicing their talent. Except Penguin. “Penguin couldn’t think what his talent was.” He knew it wasn’t baking, map reading or knitting, so his friends tried to help him find out what he was good at.  When they came up with nothing, he good-naturedly got on with organising the talent show. Of course it turns out his skill is… (spoil alert)

organising the best talent show ever ! This is clearly something not everyone can do. I have so many friends who have made their career out of organising – in one way or another – and I love this tale of finding your niche. It’s a lovely way of helping your child see what they are good at – and it might not be something they think of as a ‘talent’.  Latimer, a South African author and artist living in Cape Town, also wrote Lion vs Rabbit and The Boy Who Cried Ninja. Keep an eye out for his range of wall paper and cards being released soon.

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