Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

By Rick Riordan (Puffin Books)

Guest reviewed by Liam Renzon, age 10

Percy Jackson is a normal teenage kid except for one big difference – he’s the son of the Greek god Poseidon. He has no idea who he really is but suspects something’s up because every letter he reads appears in Greek. One day on a school outing to a museum, his teacher Mrs. Dodds, calls him to another room, transforms into a monster bird and attacks him. Luckily, his Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner arrives to his defense and gives him a pen that turns into a giant sword. And so beings his adventure into the world of Greek demi gods, gods, titans and angry monsters.

Percy is courageous and never gives up no matter how difficult things get, which was inspiring to me. Out of all the characters in the story I loved his best friend Grover the most because he’s funny and always slips up. I’ve read about 25 adventure novels and Percy Jackson is one of my top reads. You should be at least nine when you read this book because it’s scary and has things like three headed trolls in it. It’s great to read after the Harry Potter series because it’s hard to find something as exciting and you have just discovered the world of magic. You’ll learn so much about Greek mythology too. I recommend you read the book before you see the movie!




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