Please Mr Panda

Steve Antony (Hodder)

Mr Panda has a tray of doughnuts and he’s offering them to all the animals that come his way.  But not one of them gets one until lemur comes along.  Why did lemur get one (in fact the whole tray) and the other animals not one crumb?  You got it.  Lemur said please. Not “Give me the pink one” or ‘I want the blue one and the yellow one” or “I want them all! Then bring me some more.” Gasp.  Bad manners are not just bad, they don’t get you anywhere in life.  Little children will love the moral tale and get the message.  If you want to teach your child to say please and thank you, this is your book.  Steve Antony is also author and illustrator of The Queen’s Hat and I just love his illustrative style. The black and white colour palette with grey background makes the doughnuts pop out and look even more enticing. Please may we have one?

IMG_8655  IMG_8659


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