Plenty Of Love To Go Round

By Emma Chichester Clark (Penguin)

When Binky the cat moves in next door, Plum the dog can’t understand why everyone thinks Binky is so great. Plum is used to feeling like the no 1 favourite and suddenly she feels left out. Besides cats are not her favourite! To make it worse, Binky keeps following Plum around everywhere and he’s annoyingly clever.  Is there any way the two can become friends and is there enough love to go around?

Based on the adventures of Emma Chichester Clark’s real-life dog, Plum, this is the sequel to Love is My Favourite Thing. In this tale the issue of jealousy and the difficulties of sharing are explored in gorgeous illustrations typical of the author’s style.

PS: For mums and dads: If you love dogs and diaries get a copy of Plumdog – the funniest diary of a dog we’ve read.  (There are some swear words so keep this one for older kids)

Try this for size from Emma Chichester Clark’s blog:


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