Pre-school Books on Diversity

On your search to include more diverse books for your kids, check out the wonderful range of local books from South African publishers Book Dash. Created by local authors, illustrators and design teams, Book Dash makes sure all their books are diverse – it’s in their make-up as a publisher and a value they hold strongly.

Multi-lingual books are important

Perfect for kids age 2 – 6, the books below deal specifically with issues of diversity and inclusion. Many of the books are available in Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, SiSwati, Tshivenḓa and Xitsonga. This is important for teaching chidlren to read in their own language, building phonics and decoding skills and comprehension. Find our more about decoding here. Click on each one to read for free and if you know children with no access to books, who would benefit from reading these stories, please consider supporting Book Dash by ordering a few or making a donation!

7 Books on Diversity

I’m the Colour of Honey

Is that your teacher? Is that your Aunty? Amanda is fed up with these questions and wishes that she looked just like her Mummy and Daddy. But maybe they are more alike than she realises! A lovely story for children who have parents that don’t look the same.

Lara the Yellow Ladybird 

A yellow bug in a world of red, Lara the Ladybird just wants to fit in. She paints her wings only to find that fitting in might mean losing out.

Is There Anyone Like Me?

I wonder if there’s another me somewhere in the world… A wonderful tale of discovering that no-one in the world is the same.

My Special Hair

A story about my special hair. How special it can be. So many types of special hair. Just look around, you’ll see.

Why is Nita Upside Down?

Nita’s hanging upside down. She doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere.  Then a friend teaches her: “Each human is sort of strange you see. That makes you just the same, like me.”


Just Like Me 

It’s Rahah’s birthday party. Mum wants to know who she will invite. Will they all fit in? The joy is that even though all her friends are so different Rahah focuses on what makes them just like her.

Lory Dory

Lory Dory was born invisible. No one understands that she is real. Until, one day, she finds a way to show them who she is.




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