Rainbow Magic – Mary The Sharing Fairy

By Daisy Meadows (Orchard Books)

The Rainbow Magic series of books is perfectly aimed to take your beginner reader through to a chapter book reader level. The safely predictable story lines all focus on the friendship between best friends Rachel and Kirsty and their adventures in fairy land and the mean goblin Jack Frost who is always looking to stir up trouble. The girls can change into fairies in a flash of a wand and they always save the day through practising good values and manners.

In the latest new book – Mary the Sharing Fairy has lost her yin and yang bracelet and no-one wants to share anymore.  Turns out Jack Frost has stolen it and given it to some naughty goblins and they don’t want to give it back.  The fairies are hip and trendy – ‘Mary was wearing white skinny jeans, sparkly gold sandals and a folk-patterned pink T-shirt’ and the cute pictures through the book help young readers follow the story. Although the series is a bit saccharine sweet – young girls love it and it is the perfect springboard for their reading skills.  If they love these try the similar Secret Kingdom Series by Rosie banks.

Christmas Gift: Look out for Elsa the Mistletoe Fairy  just in time for Christmas.

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