A Room Full of Chocolate

Written by Jane Elson (Hodder Children’s Books)

Guest reviewed by Sarah Raal, Grade 8

“And I’ve realised that sometimes family isn’t the one that you are born into, but the people and pigs you collect along the way.”

This is a story about Grace who lives in London, England and has to go live with her grumpy grandfather on his farm even though she doesn’t want to go to there. The main reason Grace goes to the farm is because her parents split up and her mother has discovered a lump and has to go to hospital.  At the farm she starts at a new school, the same one her best friend goes to, although there are bullies who are determined to make Grace’s life miserable. Then she meets Megan and her pig Claude and life gets interesting…

I really enjoyed this book. It dealt with real life situations although at times it was full of fantasy. I could relate to some of the characters in some situations. It is a good blend of real versus non real, good versus evil. I think girls from the ages of 11 to 15 would enjoy this book as it has adventure, real life, fantasy, drama, and a few interesting rebels.


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