Sebastian’s Roller Skates

By Joan De Deu Prats and illustrated by Francesca Rovira (Kane/Miller Books)

Sebastian is shy. When people talk to him, he freezes up, even thought he has lots to say and plenty to share.  When the barber cuts his hair like a billiard ball, Sebastian thinks of what he’d liked to say but all he says is ‘fine.’ Oh don’t we all know a Sebastian?

Then one day Sebastian finds an old pair of roller skates in the park and tries them on.  Bam! he immediately falls but he gets back up again.  He keeps trying and falling and every day he goes back to the park to practice.  He’s on the point of giving up, feeling like he will never learn,  when in steps a runaway dog.  Sebastian grabs his leash and suddenly he’s flying through the park. By experiencing the exhilaration of accomplishing something, Sebastian is suddenly filled with all the words he wants to share and he finds his way out of his shyness and into a playdate with Ester, the cute girl with curls, who he could never talk to.

A really sweet and helpful book for shy children – this will make them feel like they are not alone.  Good self confidence booster and conversation starter. The illustrations take this book to another level – with the collage newspaper strips representing all the hidden thoughts Sebastian can’t share. Listen to the recording of the book read by actress Caitlin Wachs on Story Online or buy it through


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