She Rex

Written by Michelle Robinson and Illustrated by Deborah Allwright (Bloomsbury)

She Rex is a picture book dinosaur story with multicolours, giant teeth and tons of girl-osaurus attitude!

When sister Maisie wants to play with brother Ed’s toys he tells her ‘dino’s are for boys.’ Maisie is having none of that and in a feisty, gutsy way she teaches him a dino lesson in busting gender stereotypes.   T-Rex’s sister is She Rex and she’s a ‘big and burly, multicoloured dino girly.’  Ed is disparaging and imagines She Rex as ‘skipping through meadows holding hands, in flowery dresses like our gran’s.’  Ed thinks he’s the ultimate dino expert but he’s in for a surprise when he meets She Rex in person…

A lyrical and visual treat

Michelle Robinson’s wonderfully witty and romping rhyming text is a joy – the perfect read-aloud picture book for 2 – 6 year olds.   Her award-winning books are a firm favourite of ours.   She also has lovely tips for young writers and free activities and resources on her website.  Deborah Allwright’s colourful and exuberant illustrations roar off the page making the book a visual treat too.  Each facial expression and physical gesture, together with the text, perfectly carries the book’s tone and mood and you can almost hear their voices through the pages.  A spirited sibling story about gender equality – boys and girls will love She Rex!

Watch a little video here to get a sneak preview.

“Behold! She Rex!

The lizard queen

The fiercest girl

there’s ever been

Her giant feet

Her massive teeth

Her rumbling belly underneath!”

Coolest dino-girl ever 🙂


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